Discover 5 Hidden Reasons Why You Struggle to Lose Your Belly Fat

No Six-Pack Abs for You! ...Until You Understand These 5 Principles Below...

1. Did You Know That There are Hidden Foods That are Promoted as "Health Foods" but Actually Stimulate Your Body to Hold Onto Excess Belly Fat & Cover Up Your Six Pack Abs Like a Thick Blanket?

It's True! Scientists have even discovered that some of these particular foods can even produce a hormonal imbalance in your body that triggers belly fat to resist burning and signals it to be stored excessively. These compounds are rampant in our food supply and hard to avoid unless you know what to look for... this goes WAY beyond trans fats... there are some more sinister villians in our food too (more about that later).

2. Did You Also Know That "Abs Exercises" Such as Crunches, Leg Raises, & Sit-Ups are Actually the LEAST EFFECTIVE Method of Getting Rid of Stubborn Stomach Fat & Love Handles to Uncover Your Abs? And No, the Answer to Belly Fat Loss is NOT Cardio Either!

Yep, you heard me right! Abdominal exercises should only be a VERY small portion of your workouts.  In addition, If you don't perform the right ab exercises in the most effective fashion, you could actually be making your stomach worse!

Ok, here's the deal... If you want your workouts to stimulate abdominal fat loss for those flat sexy abs, you need a properly designed full body resistance training workout that takes into account certain key factors for stimulating your metabolic rate and increasing your production of fat-burning hormones.

If you ignore these key factors, you're DOOMED to a flabby stomach forever! I'll discuss more details about these key factors in a bit.

3. Another Thing... You've Been Told That Doing Lots and Lots of Cardio is the Best Way to Lose Body Fat... Correct? 

WRONG! Once again, the myths that have perpetuated the fitness industry for decades are starting to become more clear.

Did you know that recent properly controlled scientific studies have revealed that people using cardio-based workout routines lost significantly less body fat compared to people who did mostly resistance training based routines? Some subjects even GAINED BODY FAT on the cardio-based workouts, while the resistance trainers got stronger & simultaneously reduced their abdominal fat.

However, you can't just do any old worthless bodybuilder workout routine that you saw in some magazine.  Most people inadvertently focus on all the wrong types of exercises in the wrong combinations. That will most likely just set you up for failure and years more of a fat belly with no abs! 

There are certain tricks you need to learn to put together a workout routine with combinations that will actually trigger your body to release belly fat. I'll show you those techniques in a minute.

4. Do You Really Need "Fat Loss Pills" and Other Hyped-Up Supplements to Get Rid of Your Stubborn Belly Fat for Good?

No, you don't need any supplements! The amount of deception in the supplement industry really pisses me off.  Some supplements are ok (only a very limited few), but I estimate that at least 95% of supplements are a total waste of your money.  I'll talk about the only worthwhile ones you can trust, so you can stop wasting your money and being deceived by the clever marketing tactics they use.

5. Ab Belts, Ab-Gadgets, Ab-Rockers/Rollers... all Useless!

Come on now... I know the infomercial showed a ripped sexy fitness model using the Fat-Blaster 6000 Ab Gizmo, but do you really think he or she got that sexy flat stomach by sitting on the couch and using that piece of crap while watching TV?

Hell no!  They are ripped and sexy because they are a fitness model and they work hard using REAL WORKOUTS.  I'll even show you some insider secrets as to how some of these fitness models get such lean and sexy bodies with rock hard abs.  Some of the techniques are pretty clever!

 So, let's set the record straight once and for all...


You Will NEVER Lose Your Excess Stomach Fat and Carve Out Those Rock-Hard Six-Pack Abs that You Desire by Wasting Your Time with 100's of Crunches and Other "Abs-Pumping" Exercises...

Nor with Those Bogus Ab-Gadgets, Gimmick Diets, "Fat-Burner" Pills, and "Miracle" Supplement Powders that are Scamming You Out of Your Hard-Earned Money! 

Instead, Discover the Tried-and-True Training & Nutrition Secrets That the Super-Lean Use to Strip Away Stubborn Stomach Fat and Develop Sexy Flat Abs That Turn Heads!

  • But NOT by following any ridiculous fad diets
  • NOT by performing long, boring cardio routines
  • NOT by taking over-priced, over-hyped supplements
  • NOT by using some piece-of-crap ab belt or gizmo from an infomercial
  • And NOT by doing hundreds of useless crunches & situps


Enough With the Gimmicks...It's Time for the TRUTH!