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Would you like to earn money by shopping at retail stores, eating at restaurants and evaluating your experience through online questionnaires? Would you like to enjoy the perks of free meals, free products and free services?

Mystery shopping is truly an awesome way to earn a paycheck! If you would like to learn how to become a professional mystery shopper you should let Shop Until You Drop show you how. It does not matter if you are male or female, 18 to 81. Shop Until You Drop can show you step by step how to to earn a paycheck by shopping and evaluating businesses in your area.

You are probably asking yourself, "why would a company pay me to shop?"

The success of any business is built on the quality of its service, as well as meeting the standards set forth by the company. A decrease in either of these areas directly results in the loss of customers, their loyalty, and of course the companies profits. Therefore, it is very important to the success of these companies that they constantly monitor the level of service and satisfaction they are providing to their customers. That's were Mystery shoppers come in . A mystery shopper is simply someone hired by a company to honestly and anonymously evaluate the quality of service they receive.

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