Learn Pendulum Dowsing

Quickly and Easily

  • Did you know that a dowser (P.C.Brown) was paid a substantial retaining fee on contract to Richfield Oil Company and was also employed by Signal Oil and Gas, Standard Oil, and Getty Oil amongst others? (they wouldn't do that if he was no good!)
  • US marines in Vietnam were taught to dowse (by L.J.Matacia) so that they could locate booby traps and where the enemy was.
  • Dowsing is routinely taught to British Army Engineers and the British Army HQ in Germany is supplied with 750,000 gallons of water a day, found by dowsing.
  • The largest oil strike in 20 years in Oklahoma was found by dowser J.W.Young.
  • A dowser (J Longton), in his first effort in the UK, found buried Viking silver brooches valued at over $60,000.
  • Diamond companies routinely use dowsers to assess possible mining sites.

For you, the pendulum can help in so many ways. For example, you can:

  • find the freshest fruit in the supermarket
  • find your missing keys
  • check whether the auto mechanic is really telling you the truth about your car repair
  • locate a missing pet
  • check whether something is harmful for you
  • locate the best place to plant your vegetables or flowers
  • locate plumbing and wiring in your home


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